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If you have a preferred reward program, such as Aeroplan Miles, select your choice using the dropdown. Some credit cards come with an annual fee and some do not.

If you don't mind paying an annual fee, select I don't mind.

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Rewards credit cardholders pay a fee for the privilege of using the card and gaining its benefits.

While the annual fee can sometimes seem high, if you use your card often, the rewards you earn can easily outweigh the cost of holding the card.

Travel rewards credit cards offer travel points every time you make a purchase, which accumulate and can be redeemed towards purchasing plane tickets or hotel stays.

Cash back credit cards offer cash rebates on your purchases, typically in the range of 0.75-4.00%; your rebate will either be applied to your statement or sent as a cheque in the mail.

There are a number of lenders and companies that issue credit cards - and they aren't just financial institutions.