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ICE's three directorates will continue to propel our agency to greater success.Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) will continue conducting criminal investigations against transnational criminal organizations who threaten national security.We vow to continue our mission to protect the United States by promoting homeland security and public safety through the criminal and civil enforcement of federal laws governing border control, customs, trade and immigration.archives The right rail shows a collection of photos that highlights the history of ICE's 10 years as a federal law enforcement agency.

In March 2003, the Homeland Security Act set into motion what would be the single-largest government reorganization since the creation of the Department of Defense. ICE was granted a unique combination of civil and criminal authorities to better protect national security and public safety in answer to the tragic events on 9/11.

One of the agencies in the new Department of Homeland Security was the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, now known as U. Leveraging those authorities, ICE has become a powerful and sophisticated federal law enforcement agency.

This coordination allows us to focus on protecting our nation's children from sexual predators from around the globe through the criminal investigation and removal of sex offenders. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) 10 year anniversary in March 2013, we presented a series of stories, images and a timeline to highlight our accomplishments and give a broad look at our proud history, as well as to educate the American public about our agency. While ICE has considerably grown in our first 10 years, our agency continues to evolve and change with the times to address current threats and prepare for dangers on the horizon before they emerge.

Adopting a victim centered approach has led to the rescue of hundreds of children. Keeping up the momentum we've shown in our first ten years, I know we will continue to hone our skills, share our expertise and further our reputation as a preeminent U. federal law enforcement agency operating in the world today. We plan to keep up the momentum we've shown in our first decade as a federal law enforcement agency dedicated to protecting homeland security.

The Smithsonian Institution's Museum Conservation Institute provides HSI special agents with on-site training on how to handle, store, photograph and authenticate cultural property and works of art.