Updating cached messages outlook 2016 imap

The secure method does not work if passwords are stored on the Server using a one-way encrypted method (see the Security section for more details).

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Because the standard Internet formats are used, messages stored with the Communi Gate Pro MAPI Connector can be read using any standard POP3 or IMAP mail client, the Communi Gate Pro Web User Interface, or any XIMSS-based client.

The Communi Gate Pro MAPI Connector uses TCP/IP networks and should be configured to connect to any non-TLS (clear text) IMAP port of your Communi Gate Pro server (the port 143 is the standard IMAP port).

The MAPI Connector will use your Windows username and credentials to connect to the Communi Gate Pro server.

If you want to use this option, make sure that: If this option is not selected, the MAPI Connector will present a Login dialog box every time it needs to connect to the Server.

Note: the MAPI Connector adds this name to the Account Name (see below) to send fully-qualified account names to the Server.