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In 1663, there were only thirteen white women in a colony of several hundred men. As the colony prospered and life grew safenand easier, more while women arrived from Europe.

There were then three varieties of Negroes at the Cape : The Hotten- tots, a people of yellowish color with pepper-corn hair, who had been mixed centuries before through contact with a lighter-skinned race, or who perhaps, had lightened in color from living in a cooler climate. The white men now had separate homes for white wife and black concubine with the result that the mulatto child who had had all along his father's companionship was set apart with his black mother.

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The third were the Bantus, tall, graceful, muscular, and with the most superb physiques. Later when the white man started to move north- ward, they became his bitter foe.

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    Seine dämpfende Wirkung auf das Immunsystem wird in der Medizin häufig genutzt, um überschießende Reaktionen zu unterdrücken und Entzündungen zu hemmen. Bei dieser Sechs-Elektronen-Oxidation werden drei NADPH- und drei Sauerstoffmoleküle verbraucht.

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    Dating is meant for two people to get to know each other with the intention of marriage.