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I remember watching the Sopranos and Tony would go on and on about “the strong and silent type”, the Gary Coopers of the world, that are no longer a part of the average man.

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They aren’t threatened by silence nor by someone else controlling the conversation because it’s very apparent, if you’re paying attention, that they’re the only ones who are completely in control. Have you taken the time to look at the people in history that you look up to and admire?

It’s a quality I want to possess, this quiet confidence. It’s the man in the background pulling the strings, never needing to be the face or the voice. It’s a journal that’s basically identical to that of Ben Franklin’s. Rather than wishing this virtue to be mine, I’m actively working on acquiring it. To be comfortable in silence without having to turn on the TV or stereo. Have you identified what you respect in others, even the characteristics of fictional characters that you’d most like to possess?

Most of the models are historical figures, one is fictional.

to gain an understanding of what real resolution looks like. There seemed to be little time spent in relaxation. When you look back at his accomplishments he truly was a jack of all trades, and a man that saw manliness as a great virtue, one that won the west and helped create the world’s first free, democratic society.

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