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Using sunscreen will stop you getting enough vitamin DFALSE: A number of studies show sunscreen use in real life has minimal impact on Vitamin D levels.

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The Bradshaw rock paintings, or the Gwion Gwion figures, found in the north-west Kimberly region of West Australia have in the past been used to argue that Indigenous Australians were not the first Australians.

Archaeologists claimed these paintings were produced by a different race.

Cancer Council Australia public health committee chair Craig Sinclair said he was concerned too many Australians were not trusting sunscreen at a time when the evidence was stronger than ever that it was safe and effective to use."Two-in-three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime," Mr Sinclair said."Sunscreens in Australia are strictly regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to ensure that the ingredients they contain are safe and effective."He said sunscreen had been proven to prevent skin cancer, including the most deadly type — melanoma.

He said the primary forms of sun protection should always be protective clothing, hats and sunglasses for babies and children of any age."For older children, sunscreen should only be used on the parts of the body left exposed," Professor Shumack said.

Another problem lay with the amount of sunscreen people used.