Maria and derek dancing with the stars are they dating

However, there were two stars that managed to impress the judges so much with their fancy footwork that they received the season's first 10s.

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Maria and derek dancing with the stars are they dating

For Maria to have accomplished this sultry rumba in week three means that she's putting some serious pressure on frontrunners Katherine and Mark.

Len described it as a "mix of the ballroom with a bit of the bedroom." And at parts, it really did feel like this could have used a parental advisory.

Well, I'm going to make out with Derek on the floor. " This was basically a chance for Maria to mack on Derek -- and visa versa.

The house band played a slow tempo version of "Material Girl," and not only was it gorgeous, but it also didn't have a beat.

I'm in a really good mood." And when does that ever happen?

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