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There are optional features available for the Failover Clustering feature administration tools.These are deprecated features (Failover Cluster Command Interface (cluster.exe) and Failover Cluster Automation Server) in Windows Server 2012 but are made available, as there are still some applications that may need them, SQL Server being one of them.

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Hyper-v vm’s are depending on the integration tools.

And often the tools are not updated or in line with the Hyper-v Server.

But we continue extensively using WMI on the client, so we may need to diagnose the WMI repository status, we can do it following the next post: Based on my experience sometimes will be enough to run the command for the repository check (winmgmt /verifyrepository), if the result comes back as inconsistent, your first action is to run “winmmgmt /salvagerepository” followed by running “winmgmt /verifyrepository” again to confirm if it now comes back as consistent.

This simple steps solved most of my issues with WMI on site servers.

Possible events that may confirm the WMI repository corruption as sadly there are a bunch of components WMI dependent that may provide different events: 1. echo Waiting 30 seconds until winmgmt is full restarted echo ….