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To facilitate the special recognition boards for the CG MCIEAST-MCB CAMLEJ, which include staff noncommissioned officer (SNCO) and noncommissiond officer (NCO) Meritorious Promotion Boards , Marine of the Year, NCO of the Year, NCO of the Quarter, and Marine of the Quarter.

To view the Calendar Year 2018 (CY18) Meritorious NCO Promotion, Marine/NCO of the Quarter, and Marine/NCO Board Convening Dates (click here).

Marine/NCO of the Year will be based on a Marine’s previous selection as Marine/Noncommissioned Officer of the Year as reported in the Installation Commander’s recommendation and on the Marine's military record.

If the Installation Commander does not have a program for Marine/Noncommissioned Officer of the Year, a previously selected Marine/Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter can represent his/her installation.

Lance Corporals and below will compete for recognition as the “Marine of the Quarter.” Sergeants and corporals will compete for recognition as the “NCO of the Quarter.” Marine and NCO of the Quarter will be based on calendar year (i.e. Marine and NCO of the Quarter: Boards will typically convene on the last Wednesday of the quarter.