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Those medics were amazingly supportive and reassuring from day one.

I knew very soon after being diagnosed that I wanted to as open and honest about my HIV as possible.

So when I started feeling fluey, with muscular and joint aching, along with swollen lymph nodes, I knew something wasn't right.

I then did some research online and really had an inkling because of my symptoms that I might be HIV-positive.

While I knew it wasn't a huge deal, I also knew how other people's misconceptions needed to be changed – and I hated the idea of having to hide anything.

They knew how I had never had casual sex, I certainly never did drugs and I was very healthy and balanced in every respect – HIV can hit anyone, and I certainly shouldn't feel bad in any way for my diagnosis.

Chris Smith, the former Chief Executive at the Environment Agency where I work is openly HIV-positive, so it was something I was familiar with.