Susian sexi chat - Diablo 3 stuck at updating tools 99

diablo 3 stuck at updating tools 99-39

I'm about to just call it on this game, even though I really wanna play it since it was fun when I got to play for like 30 minutes...

This is the second major problem I've had with this game and apparently I can't access any kind of support team so I'm hoping maybe somebody here can help with this.

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Hey guyz, I'm having some issues with the Diablo III file...

When it starts loading and saying "Updating setup files..." a green bar appears but it freezes at around 33% (the're no number, only the bar). In my opinion the only one that will actually help you is #5, I had to do that both in the beta and just now. It's basically guaranteed to work, though it's not for those of us afraid of trojans I think lol This "stuck at updating setup files" was a huge and widespread issue in the beta, therefore I am a little surprised that it is still an issue (I'm stuck as well, even after trying all the fixes) with the full retail release. Spread the News copy the whole file over the existing file in your C:/Programdata/Battle.netafter that, and aply both patches.