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Many of these canvases are among Monet's finest masterpieces.

Shortly before leaving Paris for Trouville, Camille and Claude were married in a civil ceremony performed at the town hall of the eighth Gustave Courbet was one of the witnesses.

In fact, Monet may have married Camille partly because he was having financial difficulties.

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Among the greatest of Monet’s oil sketches, reveals the early hallmarks of Impressionism: the commonplace subject of an intimate friend relaxing in an open-air, waterside setting in the countryside near Paris; the broken, vibrating brush strokes that depict the fluctuations of light; a high-keyed palette of rapidly applied blues, greens, and yellows; and forms that evoke a sense of immediacy.

Monet was not the only young artist in Paris to paint a large-format picture of a single standing figure in those days.

Camille again served as his model, posing for all four figures that appear in the painting, and as a result they all bear a strong resemblance to each other.

Despite Monet’s effort, the Salon’s jury rejected which he submitted in 1867.

Camille's parents were present, and the affair was conducted with proper formality.