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While recommending further heating protocol to isolate each peak for the calculation of other kinetic parameters, we present an approximate 0.29–0.84 e V for .

Though the samples with the TL dosimetric property of increased peak intensity with increasing excitation dose could be considered for TL applications, the reduction in TL intensity must be considered for high heating rates applications.

We suggest that more attention should be given to buried syenogranites of S-type affinities during mineral exploration in this area, and that the proposed model of a vertical alteration zoning can act as a guide to the targeting of similar ore systems.

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Our age data and previously published ages, along with geochemical data, for the granitoids in the Bashierxi magmatic series show a nearly contemporaneous evolution of A- and S-type granites, which were emplaced in a post-orogenic setting at ca. As compared with the A-type granites, the syenogranites with S-type affinities probably resulted from a lower degree of partial melting of metagreywackes, which was more likely to be enriched in the ore-forming elements W and Sn, as well as volatiles such as B and HO.