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You can lock in Fourth Quarter of 2016 for under $.8000 at those locations, as well as any location along the MAPCO and ONEOK pipeline as well as product in Scio, OH.

If you lift at Farmington, IL, you can lock in next winter under $.7000, just as you can at any of the MAPCO terminals you lift out of and most all of the ONEOK terminals.

For those of you who lock in volumes on index, this would not apply to you. The only thing I see turning oil prices around is some type of geopolitical incident or unrest, or if OPEC comes out and reverses their strategy of flooding the markets with crude.

Otherwise, we will see crude go lower and into the $30’s.

Gulf Coast inventory is 20.3 million above last year and 11.9 million above the 5-year average of 23.9 million.