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Mr Sasaki had been living in Ireland for the past year and worked at the National Pen call centre, manning the phones for service calls for the Japanese market, according to the Irish Times.

Another victim, Irishman Cian Murphy, 22, according to the Irish Daily Mirror, was also stabbed in the back, but he was released from hospital today.

He said there was major concern among local people.'The community is in shock,' said the Sinn Fein representative.'Our thoughts are with the family of the person killed and those that have been injured.'The series of attacks started when Mr Sasaki was fatally stabbed on Avenue Road shortly before 9am.

Mr Murphy was stabbed a short time later on nearby Coes Road.

And as to why the attacks took place, why an innocent bystander going about their work would be attacked in the middle of Dundalk in the morning slightly before 9am.'Mr Mangan declined to confirm whether a potential mental health link was another line of inquiry.