Dating and purity

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3 position on the Christian contemporary hit radio charts.

The second song "Stay With Me" was released in early 2010.

About a year after the release of Love & War, Barlow Girl released Our Journey... It contains songs from all of their previous albums, plus a Fred Town Manilla remix of their greatest hit single to date "I Need You to Love Me." From August 27 to 29, 2012, Alyssa Barlow shared some behind-the-scenes photos of the studio recording of "Hope Will Lead Us On" on Instagram. Their style includes three-part harmony mixed with rock guitars. The ladies' lineup during their initial years featured Rebecca on guitar, Alyssa on bass and Lauren on drums. During the Love & War era, however, Alyssa identified solely as a singer and keyboardist.

This also occurred in some of Barlow Girl's older music as an example of breaking the power trio mould.

1 radio single, "You're Worthy of My Praise", from their 2005 album What I Was Made For. 1 position on the R&R Christian Hit Radio chart for 9 weeks, and the CRW Christian Hit Radio chart for a record 13 weeks.