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Please limit Real Life examples to instances where the officer in question was actually convicted.

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Brutal, fascist, and often on the take from the local mob or worse, this cop makes most criminals and prisoners look like... All too often an example of Truth in Television, for too many reasons to count.

May escalate to Bad Cop/Incompetent Cop for entire precincts.

The former Spice Girl, 40, has reportedly been secretly dating a policeman for the last few months, following her bitter separation from husband Stephen Belafonte.

While they are keeping their relationship 'low-key', Mel B's mystery man is said to have accompanied her to several America's Got Talent screenings and to events.

'We go over there as a family, we have dinners together, everything is fine … He’s a great guy,' Mel B said of her ex in a past interview with The Guardian Weekend.