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“By provocative I mean we coded for things like racy photos of themselves, some kind of identifying information like name or school or phone numbers, sexual chatting, sexual utterances like, ‘I’m sexy’ or ‘I’m easy’ or ‘will go all the way,’ ” Noll said.

“They are by far significantly more likely to be the ones who a year later told us they had met someone offline whose identity has not been fully confirmed.” However, Noll does note that not every in-person meeting leads to someone becoming a victim. There’s online dating, Craigslist and all kinds of things that people do,” she said.

D., who asked that The Mash identify her by her initials, started talking to people through Xbox LIVE, an online multiplayer gaming and digital media service. She’s one of many teens who use their online networks to meet new friends and seek out romantic relationships.

She stayed up late, chatting and playing video games with people she’d never met in person. Recently, though, there has been a surge of media attention surrounding the online dating scene.

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