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310 competitors took part in giant slalom and slalom races over 3 days of exciting racing and the under 10's age group also had to tackle the full length, adults, FIS standard giant slalom course.A flying second run in the giant slalom format, where he finished 2nd British U10 and first Welsh boy, whilst also beating most of the U12 field too, was enough to win the overall Welsh title.Step Up provided 106,654 of those scholarships worth up to up to ,342 for Kindergarten–5th grade, ,631 for 6th-8th grade and ,919 for 9th-12th grade.

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On January 19th, 2016, about 10,000 parents, students, teachers, and school administrators and supporters marched on Tallahassee in support of the Tax Credit Scholarship and to ask the teacher’s union to drop the lawsuit against the program. The scholarship was enacted in 2001 and began serving scholarships to low-income children in 2002.

The rally was put together by the Save Our Scholarships coalition, Florida Voices for Choices and paid for by the American Federation for Children. For the 2017-18 school year, the program provided $539 million in scholarships to 106,958 low-income and working-class children in more than 1,600 private schools.

The average student lives in a household earning $25,393 per year, or just 10 percent above poverty. More importantly, as it relates to Tax Credit Scholarships, the court explicitly applied this standard: “The Constitution prohibits the state from using public monies to fund a private alternative to the public school system, which is what the OSP does. The court upheld the Arizona scholarship program by denying standing to the taxpayers who brought challenge.

Specifically, the OSP transfers tax money earmarked for public education to private schools that provide the same service.” It went further, noting the law required the Department of Education to “transfer from each school district’s appropriated funds the calculated amount from the Florida Education Finance Program and authorized categorical accounts to a separate account for the Opportunity Scholarship Program.” None of those standards apply to the Tax Credit Scholarship. The court ruled that tax-credited contributions, even those receiving a 100 percent credit, are not to be construed legally as government expenditures.

28, 2014, the Florida Education Association (FEA), Florida School Boards Association (FSBA), Florida Congress of Parents and Teachers (PTA), Florida Association of School Administrators (FASA), League of Women Voters of Florida (LWVFL), Florida State Conference of Branches of NAACP (FLNAACP) and Florida members of the Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) sued the State of Florida seeking to end a scholarship program for economically disadvantaged students.