advice dating 2 guys - Updating garmin 60csx maps

If you plan your routes on a PC solve this issue with Win GDB: plan-routes/- Autorouting needs attributes like tracktype, lanes, routes, smoothness, class:bicycle and others to work well. (not all are needed, but enough for me to guesstimate wheter a street is cyclefriendly/mtbriendly or not).- Non Connected ways and overlapping ways without node, this is the main problem and a problem of the underlaying map data – please check here: check/enable: "allmost Junctions" , "intersections without junctions" as well as "overlapping ways". You can then follow the link to Potlatch (or also JOSM is integrated for JOSM users) and quickly correct mistakes!

You have not trouble.b) be careful here: Select the map as usual in Basecamp/Mapinstall, then go to the list of the selected tiles ready to be sent to the GPS, scroll down to the bottom, and unselect the contourlines only tiles from the list.-- This is not a problem with countries where contourlines are fully integrated like Germany, Alps, Austria,...... While you can join maps of different countries, routing over the boundary is a bit shaky, and you will have one map overlaying the other with white background.

There is however the possiblity to download a Europe map, which will be updated every 4-6 weeks.

It is usually a problem in OSM data.- Note 1: older GPS (non touchscreen) run slower the more maps are inside memory.

For 60CSx or Vista/Legend HCx I recommend to not use more than 2 GB of maps, else your GPS gets slow.

Mapsource versions 6.14 to 6.15.6 are complete junk, if you use it, please update.

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