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Direct evidence for a plume-plate interaction as the mechanism responsible for the Yellowstone-Snake River Plain (YSRP), 16-Ma volcanic system is the observation of a linear age-progression of silicic volcanic centers along the Snake River Plain 800 km to the Yellowstone caldera — the track of the Yellowstone hotspot.Caldera-forming rhyolitic volcanism, active crustal deformation, extremely high heat flow (about 30 times the continental average), and intensive earthquake activity at Yellowstone National Park mark the surface manifestations of the hotspot.It has a beautiful tower on the northeast corner' of the building." This building now used by the Malad Second and Fifth Wards has been remodeled and expanded two times, orrce in 1948 and again in 1985-86.

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Phosphorus (in the form of phosphate) is an essential nutrient and energy carrier on many different levels of life, and a key element in mediating between living and lifeless parts of the biosphere.

One of the most important aspects of the phosphorus cycle is its vital role in governing productivity, thereby interacting with the exogenic part of the carbon cycle, which, in turn, is important in regulating Earth's climate.

Our unified model for the origin of the YSRP is consistent with the geologic evidence where basaltic magmas ascend from a mantle plume to interact with a silicic-rich continental crust producing partial melts of rhyolitic composition and the characteristic caldera-forming volcanism of Yellowstone.

Cooling and contraction of the lithosphere follows the passage of the plate over the hotspot with continuing episodic eruptions of mantle-derived basalts along the SRP.

This suggests that uniform interpretations with respect to the emplacement of major phosphorite deposits should be treated with caution.