Kitchen cabinet updating virginia

You can’t help but want to go see what is through the arch.

The arched opening provides a more welcoming connection between the dining room and kitchen, too, and both spaces now feel extra charming.

So if there’s anything I didn’t explain or questions you have, feel free to ask in the comments!

Plus there is enough room for family or guests to help cook and clean up, too. We did make a few intentional changes to the space that made a dramatic difference in how the space feels and is perceived in the house.

The not-totally-open kitchen also keeps the dinner mess pretty much out of view from the main living areas. With a relatively small kitchen (small compared to LARGER kitchens, of course), you can’t always add in some of the usual go-to design features like a cool island (or two) or a row of awesome barstools at the counter or an amazing dining table.

I wanted the room to be flexible, so a neutral palette would let me change the look and feel easily through the seasons, too.

As I’m showing you around, I’ll share a few of the highlights on the main features of this remodel.

You can scroll to the end of the post for before and afters.