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You may remember Kendra from the recent clip 19 hours barefoot.

Now its mother Carla who is just as sexy as can be.

This is Goldie age 54 standing 5 foot 4 tall with a shoe size of 8. Arlene is age 79 standing 5 foot 2 tall with a size 8 shoe. Watch Melody spread and scrunch her toes as her sweet 28 year old daughter Amanda looks on from behind. Melody is age 53 standing 5 foot 8 tall with a shoe size of 9.

Pretty self painted blue toes along with ticklish feet and wrinkly soles too! Look for the photo set of this model coming soon to theback40foot and her daughter who can be seen now on pedisolejunction. Description: From the clip Donna Mature currently found on clips4sale comes Donna age 51 standing 5 foot 5.5 tall wearing a size 10 shoe. Red painted toes and wrinkles on the soles as well. Description: From the clip Rainbow Mature Karen currently found on clips4sale comes Karen who is in a partnered relationship.

Newly painted bright toes and non ticklish feet to be found here. Description: From the clip A Time For Ramona currently found on clips4sale comes Ramona who sits on her hotel bed where she gives us a nice long look at her feet and soles as she wiggles scrunches and attempts to spread her toes. Ramona tells us off camera that she likes to have her feet clean and cant stand it when they get dirty. If you like rode hard and put away wet this model may be of special interest to you.