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I'm curious about this because the Kennedys always put forth a united front. I got the impression they only came around the other Kennedys when there was some sort of press event. By the time JFK was President he had plenty of people comforting him. All the people the Kennedys screwed, there's got to be some gossip.

OK, the ones I remember: Kathleen was rarely around but seemed nice; Joe II is a self-centered, moody creep; Kerry, indecisive always whined about something; Doug & Rory, spoiled brats. RFK Jr, seems OK, was into environmental stuff and I remember one year helping organize an Earth Day event w/ him. I do wonder about their time at boarding school though. Capote: A Biography[quote]What I don't understand is why everybody said the Kennedys were so sexy.

In his words, which we kids heard throughout our childhood: "He was SO handsome it was as though the sun suddenly came out from behind a cloud. I was born after JFK was dead, so I am not too clear about dates and events during the Kennedy years.

You couldnt look at anyone else when he was in the room! My guess is that it would be Michigan, since that is where my dad was raised and where he got involved in the democratic party.

I would like Bobby better if they HAD NOT renamed the Triborough Bridge the after him.