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Dwarf: 14/27, 2/4 — 16 total Draenei: 0/8, 0/2 — 0 total Fossil: 12/12, 5/5 — 103 total Night Elf: 18/18, 7/7 — 273 total Nerubian: 0/7, 0/2 — 0 total Orc: 0/9, 0/1 — 0 total Tol'vir: 7/7, 2/6 — 185 total Troll: 14/14, 2/3 — 57 total Vrykul: 0/5, 0/2 — 0 total Total Solves: 634185 Solves and i got it! Good strategy to get digsites in Tol'vir is to start at top, and work your way down to Tol'vir. And to add i started to farm this beauty yesterday, total time was about 24 hrs.

I'm so happy but also sad at the same time since i know i wasted all my luck getting it on an alt. I got Ring and Pendant on first solves, then i had to do like 60 solves to get my mount.

Here's what I can share as reading a lot of the comments has been comforting and demotivating at the same time.

I'm one card short of a full deck I'm not quite the shilling One wave short of a shipwreck I'm not my usual top billing I'm coming down with a fever I'm really out to sea This kettle is boiling over I think I'm a banana tree Oh dear I'm going slightly mad Queen Read the end for a follow-up to my post below.--------------------------Been tracking my solves since deciding to pursue this mount about a week ago.

Blizz did a good job with Archaeology, thanks for the nostalgia. For other hunters to compare, at scepter being queued I have all NE/Fossil rares.1208 Fossil Fragments1388 NE Fragments I know others have it much worse; I wish them the best of luck.

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