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Tell her to meet you at a specific bench at a nearby park.You'll be sitting on a stool at an easel in front of the bench.

Tell her you felt a selfie wouldn't suffice for her beauty, and that you need to sketch her.

Do so, and apologize for how terrible the drawing is.

We munch on crunchy breadsticks and warm focaccia while waiting for the main event: a succulent pork chop in plum sauce with scallion risotto for him, sea scallops over king crab lemon orzo for me. We head home, where we walk the dogs and prepare to snuggle on the couch with "Iron Man" on DVD. After the show, hit Sputnik next door for a Soul Bowl (a ridiculously tasty take on KFC's oft-joked-about Famous Bowls).

After, we share a slice of tart, creamy key lime pie. If it's really late, cross the street for a slice at Pie Hole and a nightcap and some Golden Tee at Badger's.

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