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It was a way for me to re-write my past trauma and reclaim my body for myself." Far from the digital pimp it's often portrayed as, and the easy self-promotion opportunities it provided helped Le Moon take control of her work and her life after early abuse and exploitation in the sex trade.

Backpage gave me the ability to be contacted by clients and screen them in the ways that felt the most safe to me.

Without legal precedent or social acceptance we become prey to shoddy business practices," writes "Black Heaux" MF Akynos in an illuminating post on the origins and potential of the recent New York City stripper strike.

It didn't matter that Lee Ann didn't know the girl's real age, nor "that Lee Ann, who was addicted to various drugs and also engaged in sex work, never made money from the girl's actions," notes Law.

Under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, the girl was considered a trafficking victim, and Lee Ann a trafficker. She was high at the time and doesn't remember much, but she does remember admitting to everything.

magazine is notable not only for the sex-worker victory it describes but also the positive and respectful tone it takes in doing so.

After threatening "to stage a week-long naked vigil" at the entrance to Zimbabwe's Chigarapasi beer hall, area sex workers succeeded in convincing local authorities to re-open the hall, which had been shut down earlier in the year.

James on how "Working While Pregnant Is About Survival"; and Caty Simon on the Department of Homeland Security's November raid of the headquarters ("no matter what security measures we take, no matter how many layers of privilege might mitigate our gray market or black market status, at any point, criminalization can strip us of all of them and leave us economically and legally exposed").