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Best not to give away what happened after Mimi and Thomas had their drinks at a café, but if you can imagine a blind date going well, with a few twists and turns, you won’t be too surprised.

It’s enough to say that there was easy, relatable humour to be found Thomas’s divulging of youthful mischief, his discussions of his job, and his sharing of family details that in in the end were as poignant as they were evocative.

From the material that Degenstein was able to draw out, she was able to fashion a surprisingly tidy narrative in real time, flecked with genuine laughs plus some physical and even ribald turns.

Of course, people taking in future performances can only hope that Mimi’s luck with men will be as good as it was opening night. The run will also include two “Queer Blind Dates.” Mimi will select a female presenting audience member on Dec.

Better still, the Ottawa 30-something, a public servant who helps answer mail sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, proved to be an easy-going raconteur and very quick study at comedy when he took to the stage for the entirety of Thursday’s performance of Blind Date at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.