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However, meeting someone on a chat line isn’t like picking up people at a bar or hitting on a hottie at the gym.What would you talk about on the phone with a perfect stranger?

However, it is a little known fact that men are attracted to oysters as it’s the closest they can get to cunnilingus in food form. I am left to wonder if perhaps phone sex party lines might be the reason men can no longer read body language. So what happens when you take seeing someone out of the picture?

I was told this at a marine snack-shack in Orkney). Two people dial a sex chat line, switch to a private room, and have a natural conversation that culminates in mutual masturbation. I think we can safely say, without a moment’s hesitation, this book is Romeo & Juliet for the postmodern age. "I liked your voice" "What are you wearing" "which hand" and that sort of thing.

Don’t cut people off right away when you feel that they’re not the one for you.

Keep talking for a few minutes more to see if the conversation turns around before you move on to the next possibility!

I wanted Abby and Jim to hurry up, so I could move onto something else. Abby had almost equal time, and it crescendoed nicely, with little dips along the way. [it] records thoughts rather than exclusively images… What I liked most was the recurring exploration of vicarious pleasure - something Abby and Jim both indulge in many permutations. Hundreds of female orgasms could be inferred from the books themselves… It was all there in the pliability and thumbedness of the book”My copy is second-hand, pliable, and thumbed, but with no sign of more intimate interaction - before or after I read it. Right now it’s 11.51PM (later when the review is complete) and I would rather be munching a shellfish platter than writing this review, but here goes.