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The strategies and recommendations which he sets out involve a multi-sector approach, ranging from protection to the private sector, and they aim to drive policy towards a more equitable solution for the displaced and a path that delivers more growth for the affected host countries.

This discussion paper – Regional Trends and Patterns in Social Cohesion: The Impact of the Syria Crisis on the Social Structures of Countries Affected – tackles the issue of social cohesion in the regional impact of the Syria crisis.

It presents a systematic assessment of these studies and a triangulated evidence-base from which to launch the three year Regional Development and Protection Programme for Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, an initiative funded by the EC, Denmark, Ireland, UK, Netherlands and the Czech Republic The Government of Japan today formally announced a new provision of its Emergency Grant Aid to UNHCR and UNICEF amounting to a total of US$3.5 million for continued emergency humanitarian assistance to Syrians affected by the ongoing crisis.

Under the new Emergency Grant Aid, UNHCR has received US$2 million towards providing primary healthcare services and referrals for Syrians.

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