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Seniors get phone calls from a volunteer that may lead to mentorship or even provide a career connection. Indian senior activity, social and health programs for isolated elderly.

To reach out to isolated, lonely or the Indian aged living alone so that they can renew their sense of purpose and meaning in life and restore self worth, dignity and confidence. Volunteer drivers pick up senior citizens from their homes and take them to the home of a volunteer host.

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The volunteer and seniors spend a few hours together enjoying a Sunday afternoon social tea. United Kingdom (UK) Watch Video Older adults are joining internet senior social communities creating their own profiles, connecting with adult children, grandchildren and creating a new network of friends. Paw Paw relies more on an icon style system of email for elderly who may have low vision.

Seniors receive social support, companionship, connections activity, mind fitness, and overall well-being. Seniors unfamiliar with traditional email use this user friendly program to stay connected. Watch Video Social networking for Indians 55 years and above living in India and non resident Indians living abroad.

In the chat, Feldman said that he was corrupted by an adult minder who introduced him to drugs, Los Angeles nightlife and a host of other adult activities from the time he was 15, with the intent to molest him.

Feldman said being molested by a trusted adult is 'the most confusing things to a kid's mind.'Feldman said that he was invited to a party thrown by the son of a famous casting director, in which child molesters and child performers were mixed on the guest list.'There was a group of pedophiles around all these kids,' Feldman said.

He said that Haim had 'rotted' his mind with drugs to escape the pain of the sex abuse he endured.